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Although the New Testament books were writen almost entirely in Greek, a contemporary Greek version of the Bible, including both the Old and the New Testaments, didn't exist until Neofitos Vamvas, an important Greek linguist who made his translation with aid of a team of scholars. They started working in 1831 and the complete translation was published in 1850. This early Greek translation is based on the King James Version of the Scriptures, hence its importance for clerics, scholars, linguists and Bible enthusiasts.

BibleMaximum offers a digital copy of this important version of the Bible through their BibleMax program, which is a comprehensive and useful Bible reader. You can use it for reading and comparing different versions of the Scriptures, as well as reading commentaries and references by important authors like John Darby and M.E. Easton. The program also lets you copy verses and chapters and export them to a .TXT file for use with other applications, as well as perform searches by word or phrase in the entire Bible or in a given chapter.

You can get this important translation, as well as many other Christian books and Bible versions, by ordering the BibleMax free CD and paying a modest fee covering the copying and P&H costs. Also, you can download a digital copy of the CD by paying only $2.99.

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